For our latest branding project, we did some work for a new dance hall & saloon located in the Blue Dome District of Tulsa, OK. Whiskey 918 took over the spot of a well-known club called Legends, but they wanted to be clear that they are NOT the same place anymore.

We have always loved the idea of getting to do work with a place like a bar or a brewery cause of the style that they call for. Drawing something, but also using digital elements and fusing the modern with the old is exciting. For their logo, we knew we wanted to create the feeling of a classy place that had been around for a while. We also wanted the design to be horizontal for signage, hats, apparel, and web. However, something with a smaller foot print was important.

Since we needed a smaller footprint, we went ahead and created a variation of their logo within a rounded badge. Incorporating the top of a whiskey barrel with a worn “W918” monogram helped to add shape, and detail while painting a picture of what sort of place this is.

In our consultation, the owners expressed how their logo would be used so while designing we were already thinking of how this would look when used in various applications like coasters, glassware, and t-shirts as well. We LOVE what we landed on!

As you can see above, we drew a lot of inspiration from various whiskey company bottles and their packaging. We utilized hatching for the shading behind the lettering allowing the titling to really pop and stand out. We also incorporated the common colors of whiskey, corn, and rye to compliment a strong white, and black palette

Going back to our consultation, the owners mentioned how they wanted the logo to include the general location of the establishment within the design. Since they are located right in the heart of the Blue Dome District of Downtown Tulsa we made it a point to include the silhouette of the famed blue dome that the area is known for.

Go give them a visit one weekend!

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