In this branding package we did for Tulsa Hair Co. we wanted to use very current and simplistic color schemes, trim the fat and take a minimalistic approach as a means to produce a clean and modern feel to their brand.

Our hope when creating the logo and choosing the cool color palette was that you would be reminded of the feeling you have after a fresh cut, color and wash.

Once we had the logo, style and color palette honed, we took to the website. Here we continued with our theme of modern simplicity while still creating a fun and inviting atmosphere for those visiting the site. One of the ways we did so was by displaying photos of the stylists at Tulsa Hair Co.’s 3 locations.

After we took care of their web presence it was time to update their social media face by configuring their website’s Open Graph settings so the same message was communicated on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. MOST IMPORTANTLY it was time to let Tulsa know they are here! We started by designing the following media to display on their social media pages.

Once the look was there we went a step further and began boosting their Instagram following from 0 to just over 1,000 followers in just over a month, then followed that with an Instagram contest giving away a $50 gift certificate for those NEW followers who tagged, and shared the Instagram post with their friends!

Finally, when they unveiled the new brand to their stylists and team they had t-shirts printed for each of their employees and this was one of the designs we recommended.

We’re Currently Revamping Their Site



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