Joanna and I met through her husband. She eventually reached out to me cause she had been running her home organization business for a while at that point. She realized she needed to add on a website to her process, not just to qualify and acquire clients so she can better serve them but also to help answer some of the questions they often had and to educate them on what she does! Enter SHKN Design Co. After a few conversations with her to determine the best course of action we both agreed that she only needed a landing page to get started, and we can always add on more aspects as she grows!

Our goal from the start was for her site to be easy to navigate, clean, minimalistic and organized since that what The Hull Space is all about. That said, as you can see through utilizing white space, and proper formatting, use of columns, and an easy to use call to action form we were able to do so while helping Joanna increase her business and leads that she gains from her site.

As she has continued to grow, we added a second page for careers. This allowed her to be able to take applications from people interested in working with her while also divulging on the positions available and that they entail.

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