Stoke Shed Sound & Sundry was just FUN. Working with Bobby Ross was both exciting and inspiring. Bobby knew exactly what he wanted but allowed for creative input, design direction and advice on our end to make the most of his brand. As with all art, a lot of design is just going with what looks and feels good, even if it goes against some guidelines, and being a music producer Bobby knew this rule as it applies to his music.

Bobby voiced that he wanted his brand to give the vibe of a surf or skate shop because that is just a little bit of what he loves. The name Stoke Shed was very instrumental in the color scheme. Like a fire needs to be stoked, the whole premise of his name is to stoke creativity in people with his music production business, thus the bright red, magenta, and orange. In addition, we needed to balance the bright colors with a cool color, enter the teal accent color.

The teal with the orange creates the vibe one would get when going to the beach, then once coupled with the monogram SSSS (Stoke Shed Sound & Sundry) we were able to create a “wave” like design simply by tilting the S’s. This applied not just to the surf vibe he wanted but also to sound waves that one would see in music or sound engineering. It was just too clear and obvious to NOT do it.

Normally, we would try and go with a design that is a bit more detailed but this simplicity was almost begging us to do it.

After getting the logo done, of course, we moved on to his web presence. The logo is always just a piece of the story and everything else that goes with it just helps to tell the rest of it. We continued with the vibe of the color scheme we had established but joined it with photos that pertained to his line of work. We built his site with room to grow as he voiced that ultimately he will have a blog and a shop to include tools for song writers and other creative media for people to learn from.

His site is still a work in progress as he continues to add content but we gave him the bones and still continue to do work as he needs us. Right now, he needed something to showcase his production work and allow potential clients to reach him!

Check out his website in action.