In this branding project we did for Agbasi Studios we decided to create something very modern and clean. Though the design looks simple to emulate, it was not so simple come to the point of it’s creation. We love creating iconic logos and this is just that…or we atleast hope. At the time of creation we were inspired by “cattle branding” style marks and logos; thus, the finished product was made as one, sleek, brand – encased in a circle.

Sam’s business currently offers photography services cause it was a hobby of his and he realized he had an eye for it. However, he mentioned that he wanted this logo to represent himself as a brand, not just a company. With the concept of self-branding very popular today we used his last name as he requested and made it the first initial of the logo. Brainstorming we decided upon adding the word studios to tie in his services both as a photographer, and sound engineer.

Another great side note is that the icon itself resembles a sound waveform with a peak and a valley…mission accomplished.

With his business cards we wanted the mark we created to really standout. We made this mockup for Sam so he could see how his logo would look on a thick, luxe, all black business card that he mentioned he would be getting from Thought this is a mockup, the real business card in your hands feels wonderful, and really makes you want to hold on to it. We enjoyed going all out with and for Agbasi Studios!

We didn’t create it but check out his work on his website!

Last we checked he was doing some work on it so don’t judge.