Lone Wild was born from a deep desire to pursue my dream of writing original music that allows me to express myself authentically and connect with others on a profound level. I envisioned creating a music project that resonates with individuals who often feel unseen, alone, and misunderstood. As someone who has navigated these emotional landscapes, I wanted to craft a sound and message that speaks directly to those who might feel isolated.

Through the music, the band and I aim to offer solace and a sense of connection, weaving narratives that reflect the complexities of human emotions and the often-overlooked experiences of the marginalized. Our songs are anthems for the outsiders, a musical refuge for those seeking understanding and empathy.

The journey of Lone Wild has been a holistic and creative endeavor from the ground up. Every aspect of the band’s identity, from the logo to the website, video content, and merchandise, has been meticulously conceptualized and brought to life by myself (SHKN).

With a clear vision in mind, I personally designed the logo and built the online presence to ensure it authentically represented Lone Wild’s ethos. Video content became a crucial part of storytelling, and with the invaluable help of friends, I managed to shoot and produce high-quality visuals. After running test shots and demonstrating the desired outcomes, I successfully captured the essence of Lone Wild’s message in our videos.

Music Videos (Concept Direction, Film, Edit)

Short Form Videos/Social Media (Concept Direction, Film, Edit)

Adapting to the ever-evolving social media landscape, I embraced the creation of high-quality music video shorts to engage Lone Wild’s audience and extend our reach. These short videos not only highlight the band’s musical talent but also provide a glimpse into the emotions and stories behind the songs.

By leveraging these platforms, we’ve been able to connect with a broader audience, fostering a community of listeners who find solace and strength in our music. Lone Wild stands as a testament to the power of music in bridging gaps and bringing together those who feel alone, proving that even in our loneliest moments, we can find connection through shared experiences.

In addition to the music, Lone Wild extends its identity through a distinctive line of apparel and merchandise designed to represent the brand and maintain the unique styling of each single and album we release. Each piece of merchandise is carefully crafted to echo the themes and aesthetics of our songs, allowing fans to wear their connection to our music with pride.

For instance, our apparel items are often specifically tied to single releases such as “Knockdown Downdragout,” “Dodging Thunder,” “Icarus,” and “Tryna Make Sense of It,” each collection reflecting the visual and emotional tone of the respective tracks. This not only strengthens the bond between our music and our audience but also creates a tangible way for fans to engage with and express their appreciation for Lone Wild. Our merchandise is more than just clothing—it’s an extension of our storytelling, offering another medium through which our fans can connect with the messages and emotions we strive to convey in our music.

In today’s music industry, an electronic press kit (EPK) is indispensable for indie bands seeking to pitch and market themselves effectively. For Lone Wild, having a comprehensive EPK has been crucial in reaching out to talent buyers, venues, playlist curators, sync placement opportunities, radio stations, social influencers, and other key players who can help us grow our audience.

By presenting a well-organized and visually appealing EPK, Lone Wild can showcase our music, biography, press coverage, videos, and high-quality images in a professional manner that grabs attention and highlights our unique value. This self-sufficient approach allows Lone Wild to pitch directly through our own website, bypassing third-party intermediaries and maintaining our brand ethos and creative control. Our EPK not only facilitates opportunities but also ensures that every interaction is aligned with the authentic spirit of Lone Wild, fostering genuine connections within the industry.

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