LaBerge Reclaimant was a long time coming. The owner Josh was a good friend of mine so the timeline seemed to stretch out for a while, however, the finished products were great! From the onset, Josh knew he wanted his logo to be something that could be a wood burning brand for future builds and products that he would eventually sell on his website.

After finishing out the logo, we started with a simple web page to showcase some of his work with custom furniture. He wanted to make sure that he included the fact that he does on-site builds, flooring, and home remodeling as well.

Finally, after his logo and website had been completed he launched a line of products for everyday use, from cutting boards and coasters to mugs, and even blankets. I love the logo and how it helps add to his business and brand’s overall ruggedness. It sort of has a manly charm.

Check out his website in action.