This was one of our favorite projects over this past year. We teamed up with Josh’s team in revamping his brand and website to better execute his vision. Part of that was to help him and his team efficiently execute all the various PUSH coach training content he creates for his client base. Obviously, design comes into play and Josh expressed how he wanted his color palette to mirror a pinwheel, keeping things bright and colorful.

Usually we’d shy away from too many colors, but by creating his mark to be a “color wheel” then providing black and white versions we were able to still keep things clean and simple in other areas of his brand.

We kept his typography modern and never more than one color to keep his name easy to read. Depending on the usage of the logo, Josh could utilize the color version, or if it’s more readable, keep it simple and use black, white, or even one of the colors in the color palette. We developed his color palette by pulling from his logo and included them in a brand guide for continued marketing guidance for his team.

Creating the website and other content, we continued to let gradients and the colors within the logo to dictate the visual direction on the website while still maintaining a few select color combinations so brand styling stays consistent.

Josh voiced that ease of use for the website visitors was important, as it always is. However, still being able to creating a very effective backbone and means for pushing his content & training modules to his clients was also important. By teaming up with him and others on his team we were able to come up with some efficient tools to create more automation, more sales, fine tuned design, and in the end, more ROI!

Check out his website in action!