In this branding package we did for Fenimore we met with Whitney, the lead singer and spoke to her about the direction she wants to take things visually as we usually do with all our clients. A great consultation is always the key to a successful project!

After our meeting we began to design some concepts based off our meeting. We started with a handful of ideas and began to hone each one as we got something more and more polished.

See the visual story board below!

Whitney expressed to us a few of her inspirations she would like to move towards ranging from bands like The 1975, LANY, and even some greats like Fleetwood Mac.

As we continued to work on more concepts we began to move in the direction below.

After we came up with these handful of concepts we sent them to the band and they began to review them and eventually they honed in on the finished product below.

In our emails back and forth the terms neon sign style came up in conjunction with the finished product because of it’s look. Needless to say they brought it life! Check it out and some more of the ways they used their logo for branding continuity.

Seeing your work come to life in a physical manner is always the greatest, especially when its something that looks as cool as a neon sign.

Check out their music & connect at the link below!

Checkout Fenimore


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