In this branding package we did for Chasing Eden International we wanted to convey the very present need of sponsoring children in Haiti who need financial support.Visually we wanted things to be clean and simple by starting with the logo design then translating that throughout the rest of the website.

Rachel, the founder, wanted each child to have his or her own page with information so that a sponsor could start to learn more about each child. You can even electronically send eLetters via email to the child or staff member you’re sponsoring.

We wanted the faces to tell the story and demonstrate the need. We also made the needs of each child very clear. The sponsor can find out their birthday, how many more sponsors they need to support them. Giving is done via PayPal and can be setup as a recurring gift for sponsoring so you don’t have to think about it each month.

Check out Chasing Eden’s site in action, and maybe even consider sponsoring!



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