The design process of this logo for Bobarikin Photography was quite the journey. Wendy, the owner, came to us looking to update her business’ logo because she had done it herself initially. She had some design background but really wanted us to run with it and provide some outside design collaboration. Below, from the top left to the bottom, you can see the discovery process.

We started looking at some line craft inspiration that we knew we would like to incorporate. Wendy had supplied us with a few fonts that she liked. After we came up with some concepts, she had an idea with incorporating a ring within the name. That spawned the thought to ask her to sign her initials on a white piece of paper, take a hi-res photo and then send it to us. We then incorporated her hand-written initials in with the ring for something very unique. Something about using organic sources for design, like hand-written elements adds so much character and originality. We absolutely love the finished product, and so does she.

Check out the application below!

She is a great photographer, get in touch with her for your wedding or engagement shoot!



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