We are excited to announce the NEW us.

To all our clients, friends and fellow designers out there,

Hope business has been good and tax season hasn’t been TOO tumultuous. In the case that you have not figured it out by now, something big has changed for us/myself (Ashkan).

Our name is now SHKN

That’s pronounced / ˈSHākən / or “Shaken”
Visit the new SHKN.CO

Why SHKN ?

Back at the turn of the year, I had been contemplating a few things, planning the year, setting goals and my wife raised the question about the possibility of changing the name of Companzees Creative Co. So, after much thought, and weighing different ideas I decided to do so.

As you know, if you have worked with Companzees in the past, it’s almost always been myself who has seen everything through to completion. As I put more thought into it, I realized I wanted something that excited me, looked cool and was a bit more “me” while still not necessarily having strong ties to my name.


However, I still had to be clever.

I promise you that the only thing that has changed is the name. The services I offer are still the same, and I have even started to include video production through a recent partnership with Shatterpoint Films. 

How Do I Contact You Now?

For the time being the same old emails work and will forward to our new emails, but please copy these down into your address book:

[email protected] = general email
[email protected] = for direct quotes, re-orders, etc…
Also, you can still visit the old website and it will forward you to our new SHKN.COwebsite as I migrate things over. From here you will begin to notice on our invoices, and our other digital/print media. Any previously written checks or payments made to Companzees Creative Co. or Ashkan Karimi will still be accepted for the time being.

I value your business very much and I am thankful that I have been able to serve you for the past 4 1/2 years under Companzees and I look forward to continuing to do so with SHKN!


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