Learn to use WordPress in 1 hour

By February 24, 2014 How To, Wordpress

WordPress is a Web phenomenon. It powers a gazillion blogs and almost as many websites. As a technology, it’s unique in that the learning curve isn’t too steep, but there is a vast amount to learn and understand.

What that means is that web designers need to understand WordPress, and almost as importantly, they need to be able to explain it to their clients.

The best way to get ahead in this game, is to find the right teacher. That’s why we’re delighted that our sister-site, MightyDeals.com, has arranged this tremendous discount on a set of video tutorials that will get you up to speed on WordPress in just 1 hour!

Whether you’re turning down freelance work because the clients always ask for WordPress, or if you’re looking to move into CMS-backed web design, perhaps you’re even thinking of starting your own blog; the WP101 video tutorial series will teach you everything you need to know in the time it takes to watch your favourite TV show.

This 28-part series has helped 15,000 people master the fundamentals of WordPress. Learn at your own speed by playing and pausing whereever you need to, you can even rewatch videos to nail the trickier concepts. Displayed on an HTML5 video player you can watch the videos anywhere; at your desk, or even on your commute. There’s even an exclusive members-only forum, so if you hit on something that just isn’t sticking in your head, you can get help.

The price you pay includes free updates, so unlike many of the video series out there, when WordPress is updated—which happens a lot—key videos will be updated too.

The regular price of this video series is $79, but for a limited time you can get lifetime membership for just $19, that’s an incredible 76% discount!

Jump over to MightyDeals.com right now to grab this offer today.

Have you used Shawn Hesketh’s WordPress 101 video series? Why do you want to learn WordPress? Let us know in the comments.

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