SHKN /sHākən/ :

At Shaken Design Co., we empower artists, leaders and businesses with captivating design and top-tier websites to supercharge their brand’s marketing.


SHKN /sHākən/ :

At Shaken Design Co., we empower artists, leaders and businesses with captivating design and top-tier websites to supercharge their brand’s marketing.

Ready to make your brand shine? Schedule your free consultation now.

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Ready to make your brand shine? Schedule your free consultation now.

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Here at SHKN Design Co.

Why choose between style and substance? Our approach weaves the two into an unstoppable force.

Elevate your brand with visually attractive solutions in your branding,  web design and print. But don’t stop there. We stand by you beyond the finish line, embedding your brand with techniques that keep your brand relevant to your customer for years to come. These techniques crystallize your brand in the minds of your audience and open doors in a dynamic market.

Ready to shake off the old and reshape your brand's success? Let's create together.

The Hull Space – Web Design

The Hull Space – Web Design

Jacob and The Cloak by Scott Taylor

Jacob and The Cloak by Scott Taylor

Josh Coats – PUSH Coach

Josh Coats – PUSH Coach

The Closet Studios

The Closet Studios

LaBerge Reclaimant

LaBerge Reclaimant



Are your customers leaving your website before they even contact you?

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Creative Services

Our expertise will help you excel in three important categories that will make you DEFINE your space amongst your customers.

Branding & Graphic Design

Whether you’re a start-up or already established, we’ll help walk you through the processes of logo design to web design, social marketing & brand consistency with your audience and more. We can facilitate all you need to successfully present your visuals as a unified front that says, “this is who we are.”

Website Design & Hosting

We’ll help tell your story while keeping the main thing the main thing – Return On Investment. Your website provides a first impression to your audience while allowing visitors to learn more about what you do. We’ll do it in creative and interactive ways while helping you generate leads.

Print Media

Let’s face it, we still need print based marketing materials and we still like to make cool stuff that you can hold! Merchandise, Apparel, Album Art, Signage, Brochures, Business Cards, Banners, Labels…let’s do it.

3 important categories? Yes! but we won’t skimp on the details either.

Ready to transform your project? Let's strategize today!

How We Work

Strategy Session

Let’s connect to explore your project’s needs and goals. During our meeting, we’ll pinpoint areas requiring assistance and craft a personalized strategy to deliver maximum value. Together, we’ll shape a targeted plan aligned with your objectives.

Create & Polish

We kickstart your unique plan with swift execution, ensuring your design aesthetics and strategy work in perfect harmony. Throughout the journey, we keep you updated with timely content updates, guaranteeing a seamless fusion of your vision and strategy.

Deliver & Execute

Once we’ve crafted every essential design element of your personalized project, we’ll guide you through a successful launch, ensuring its compelling visuals match its impactful performance.

Training & Support

Unlock the full potential of your newly designed tool with our expert support, step-by-step guides, and hands-on walk-throughs. Thrive in evolving markets and technologies. Get started now!

What Our Clients Say About Us

Working with SHKN Design Co. was so easy! He [Ashkan] really listened to what I wanted and created exactly that! I will be using him again in the future!

Joanna Ames - TheHullSpace.com

We had our holiday party last night and everyone absolutely loved the logo, cards, stickers and t-shirts!!! They cheered several times throughout the night regarding our rebranding!!! They are so excited!!! Great job!!!

Gerald Holm - Tulsa Hair Co.

Words cannot even begin to describe how excited & thankful I am to say that I FINALLY have a website for my work!!!!! SHKN Design Co. went above & beyond when building this site for me...Cheers!

Juliane Arielle - Juliane Arielle Photography

Loved using this company for my branding and website development. SHKN was very thorough and made sure that my finished product was the best that it could be. They are a hidden gem in their local area!

Sam Agbasi - Agbasi Studios

We initially contacted SHKN Design Co. for a business card redesign-turnaround was quick, communication was clear, and product was incredibly executed. We have continued to order other items. Highly recommend.

Ashley Kyle - Mid-Con Energy

SHKN cared enough about our brand to try and figure out what we needed, and didn't stop until we had something effective AND beautiful! Couldn't recommend more highly, and we'll work together again in the future without question!

Bobby Ross - Stoke ShedVideographer

I have used this company for cards, logo design, fliers, and website optimization. He has met the deadlines every time and he is fair priced. I don’t plan on using anyone else!

Justin Cody - JJ's Lock & Key

Amazing work done with excellence and great customer service! Will continue to use and refer to friends/colleagues in the future.

Glenn Campagna - Musician

Love their work and their willingness to put in the work!

JG Studio

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Ready To Stand Out to the Audience you’ve been missing?

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Ready To Stand Out to the Audience you've been missing?

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